Vietnam Cafe

Finally ventured out to Baltimore Avenue today to try out this Vietnamese restaurant that I saw on Yelp the other day. This ‘cafe’ is actually a pretty large restaurant and good for both casual dates and large groups. Portions for the pho is medium sized but the entrees are rather large. I got the Pho Sate which is a pho with a thicker broth and the Shrimp Sate which was pretty delicious. Maybe it was because I didn’t order anything special but I didn’t feel very mind-blown when I walked out of the restaurant. Nevertheless, overall I think it’s still a really good choice if you’re in that area or you’re craving noodles. Four out of five stars!

Address: 816 South 47th Street,  Philadelphia, PA
Price: Pretty cheap. $8 for pho, $13-15 for entrees
Hours: Daily: 11:30am-9pm

Pho Sate
Shrimp Sate
One More

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