Green Eggs Cafe

THIS PLACE IS AWESOME. The portion sizes are HUGE. I had an urge to consume a copious amount of sugar today and so I ordered both the Red Velvet Pancakes as well as the Creme Brulee French Toast. It was fantastic until about 5 minutes in where I just hit a wall. The sugar hit me immediately and it was painful to eat the rest. I finished the creme brulee and got down to about 4 bites left on the pancakes before I threw in the towel. Nevertheless, easily the best breakfast/brunch place I’ve been to in Philadelphia. The best part about the pancakes was the vanilla ice cream anglaise on top. I love Green Eggs and Ham  Cafe!

Address: 212 S. 13th St., 1306 Dickinson Street, 719 North 2nd Street. They have 3 locations. The 13th St. location is most convenient for Penn students.
Price: Good. $12 for a huge portions.
Hours: 8am-4pm Daily. Lines are long so be ready for a ~45 minute wait.

Kids Menu Red Velvet Pancakes

Creme Brulee French Toast

And here it is – the Holy Grail – the Red Velvet Pancakes

One amazing meal


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