Rando Deli – Drunk Food

What do you do when you’re in the office at 4am, with a couple more hours left to go…but you REALLY want pizza?

You order drunk food off Seamless of course. (And scrounge the pantry like a homeless Chinese boy on the subway). For those of you uninitiated, Seamless is like dating an average looking nymphomaniac…sounds awesome in theory, but the overload of mediocrity not only gets tiring after a while but destroys your taste for anything other than amazing later. Case in point, because I can order $30 off 500 restaurants 5 times a week and unlimited amounts on weekends, I can’t eat sushi or pad thai anymore – eating a ton of them in takeout boxes has left me unimpressed with regular variations at sit-down restaurants. And this is why they hate bankers. But I try donate reasonably untouched leftovers to actually homeless Chinese boys on the subway.

Anyways, so I picked one of the few places still open and got some really healthy food. Not. Hmmm….grease. Advice: next time go for the breakfast food. At least you can trick yourself into thinking you went to sleep and this is actually the morning.

Address: Mah computer.
Price: Zero. Thank you deal code 69AMD.
Hours: 6pm to 5am (yes I have now tested the upper limit of that).
Wait / Reservations: Too long for that time of the night.

The best decision I made all week was asking the marketers soliciting our business to bring BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiched to our meeting. Ate this with some mac + cheese and mashed potatoes + gravy while waiting for food to arrive. (yes there is free food after college)

“Pistachio baklava + macaroons.” Utterly more disappointing than going to a strip club and finding it’s dudes on stage. Let’s just move on.

BBQ chicken + mushrooms pizza and everything veggies pizza – not bad, until I bit into a mouthful of aluminum foil

how can you go wrong with wings? this was half-way decent actually, super spicyness made it best part of “dinner”

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