Brunch: 44 & X

What’s better for a lazy Sunday morning than greasy food dressed up in a disarmingly appetizing presentation? Luckily, we found a cute place without a long wait, reasonable prices, and slightly cramped quarters (last night’s gossip from strangers totally satisfying the voyeur in us). Best part: great lighting for pictures!

Name: 44 & X
Address: 44th and 10th Avenue, New York, NY
Price: ~$15 / person
Hours: Brunch Sat-Sun 11:30am to 3pm
Wait / Reservations: Only losers make reservations for brunch, wait was 15 minutes for busy morning

pancakes and sausage and lots of maple syrup

Why you need at least two people for a satisfying brunch…because then you can sample all four of the brunchy staples – pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon.

scrambled eggs and bacon

“Can I eat now?”

mini muffins

These muffins were actually the best part

Verdict: probably better places in brunch-crazy NYC, but this place gets the job done swiftly and painlessly

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