Kristabelli – KBBQ

I’ll see your stainless steel Korean bbq plate, and I’ll raise you one crystal grill Korean bbq plate. Oh, did I mention that I’ll throw in an underdraft system that keeps the smoke away from your clothes? And how can I forget that the beef is all wagyu-style, perfectly tenderized without marinate?

Yes, after all the press about this new upscale Korean bbq place brought to New York by the man, the legend, JYP himself…you know I had to experience Kristabelli. Much more than the typical kbbq joint on 32nd street, this was an experience. Each piece of meat was cooked to perfection on your table by an uniformed waiter utilizing all the smokeless advantages of infrared ray-grilling technology.

Address: 8 W 36th St (between 6th & 5th Aves), New York, NY
Price: we got stuffed for $35 / person
Hours: Lunch: 11:30am-2:30pm; Dinner: 5pm-11pm (upstairs bar/lounge probably stays open longer)
Wait / Reservations: Don’t ever make reservations ktown – there are way too many options nearby

dining roomthe grill

The grill and the dining room

starter disheswagyu strip steak

An individual set of starter dishes for everyone. The unmarinated wagyu strip steak brought out while the grill is heated

tofu salad

Tofu salad with salmon roe topping was delicious

beef dabubapseafood soondubu

More side entrees while waiting for the main dish – beef dabubap (cooked bibimbap basically) and seafood soondubu (tofu stew) –> individually portion’d out

moar meat meat

Wagyu beef (supposedly on par with kobe-style) and pork slices with assorted vegetables —> waiter cuts up and cooks for you, the crystal grill retains heat between cookings so food is faster to your tummy and there is no black burnt spots on pieces sitting as you digest


Sesame, vanilla, multi-grain ice cream balls with almond flakes on the side

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