Move over, Carbone. Step aside, Little Owl. Back off, Blue Hill. Bohemian has taken the top spot as my favorite restaurant in NYC. Actually scratch that, my favorite restaurant ever. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a restaurant where everything I ordered was absolutely top class.

Bohemian is a Japanese-French fusion restaurant that’s hidden in the back of a butcher shop in NoHo called Japanese Premium Beef, Inc. The place is pretty small, seats probably 20 people total. Highly recommend going.

DSC04455Uni Croquette

DSC04456Washuyu Short Rib Sashimi. This was easily my favorite dish that we ordered. Moist on the outside, pink on the inside. So succulent, so juicy.

DSC04457Foie Gras Sushi. Foie gras and sushi rice go together like peanut butter and jelly, like bagel and cream cheese, like M&A.

DSC04458Mac and Cheese

DSC04459Foie Gras Soba. Best noodles I’ve ever had.

DSC04467Bohemian Cheesecake. This was really interesting – souffle on top, goat cheese base on the bottom.

DSC04468Green Tea Brownie

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