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My favorite Thai restaurant in Philadelphia is Smile Cafe, as I’ve written in one of my earliest posts, but Tamarind is a close second. Located on South Street by the Delaware River, it’s a great place to go for Penn students who want to try something other than Thai Singha or Pattaya. The food is phenomenal and you can choose the spicy level on a scale from 0 to 7. A couple friends ordered 7’s and they were nearly crying by the end of the meal. Restaurant is also BYO so that is a plus for all you underage drinkers.



Roasted Duck with Vegetables

Smile Cafe

Easily the best Thai restaurant in Philadelphia, and trust me I’ve tried a ton. Unlike the past couple posts, this place isn’t a hole in the wall, so it’s a pretty good place for dates and figs. The lunch special is a really good bargain, they give you 2 choices of either soup, spring roll, dumplings, or salad as well as one entree all for $7.95. Their dumplings are the BEST I’ve ever had. They are SO GOOD and there’s just no competition. So juicy and moist and wet…Next time I’m literally only going to order their dumplings. I also got their red curry chicken and it was absolutely phenomenal. They had a limited choice of desserts but I got their poached pear with vanilla bean ice cream, though it was only average. If you’re craving Thai food, this is easily the best choice. Just make sure to get there a bit early or make reservations as the place is small and it can get full pretty fast.

Address: 105 South 22nd St. Philadelphia, PA
Price: Not bad. $8-10 for lunch, $15-20 for dinner.
Hours: Mon-Friday: 11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-9pm, Sat: 5pm-10pm, Sunday Closed

Dumplings – These are the BEST. It has no peers.ImageChicken Lemongrass SoupImageChicken Red Curry – Make sure to ask for spicy as it enhances the flavor significantly.ImageImagePoached Pears with Vanilla Bean Ice CreamImage