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More Home Cooking

There are probably only two things in the world that I think I’m truly good at. First is sleeping. Second is eating. But you can’t just always eat out or else you’ll go broke and/or get super rotund. Thus, I frequently cook my own meals and here are just a couple dishes that I’ve made recently! DSC04270 String beans with bacon stripsDSC04282DSC04311 A real man’s salad – chicken breast on a bed of arugulaDSC04319 Crabby Patties! Nah just normal beef patties from Trader Joe’sDSC04322DSC04341Probably one of my favorite dishes to cook – braised chicken wings. Pretty simple steps: 1. Heat up olive oil in pan and brown both sides of wings 2. Pour 1/4 cup soy sauce and flip the wings to make sure both sides get coated 3. Add 2 cups water 4. Add sriracha sauce to add a little kick to the wings 5. Put on light boil for 40 minutesDSC04345DSC04330 Homemade mochi! Just kidding, these were store bought but they’re so beautiful aren’t they? Green tea mochi with red bean pasteDSC04340White peach mochi so good

Brunch: 44 & X

What’s better for a lazy Sunday morning than greasy food dressed up in a disarmingly appetizing presentation? Luckily, we found a cute place without a long wait, reasonable prices, and slightly cramped quarters (last night’s gossip from strangers totally satisfying the voyeur in us). Best part: great lighting for pictures!

Name: 44 & X
Address: 44th and 10th Avenue, New York, NY
Price: ~$15 / person
Hours: Brunch Sat-Sun 11:30am to 3pm
Wait / Reservations: Only losers make reservations for brunch, wait was 15 minutes for busy morning

pancakes and sausage and lots of maple syrup

Why you need at least two people for a satisfying brunch…because then you can sample all four of the brunchy staples – pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon.

scrambled eggs and bacon

“Can I eat now?”

mini muffins

These muffins were actually the best part

Verdict: probably better places in brunch-crazy NYC, but this place gets the job done swiftly and painlessly