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Sushi Nakazawa

A couple months ago when I first heard that one of Jiro’s apprentices opened up a new restaurant in NYC, my pants quickly became moist with joy. Ever since I saw Jiro Dreams of Sushi, I’ve been wanting to go eat at his restaurant, but seeing that I probably would not be going to Tokyo anytime soon, this was a pretty awesome alternative. The restaurant is located in West Village and reservations weren’t surprisingly terrible to make.

The meal had roughly 20 pieces of nigiri with a nice raspberry sorbet at the end to top it off. We got the sake pairing as well which was a nice addition to the meal.

Overall verdict: I’m surprisingly pretty conflicted with this one. The quality and freshness of the fish is absolutely top class, without a doubt. The problem I ran into (and I think it’s mainly because I have the palate of a 2-year-old) was that I wasn’t able to taste the more subtle flavors of some of the fish. Fish with stronger, bolder flavors like mackerel and barracuda was absolutely spectacular, but there were some fish like the fluke which I thought was pretty bland. Overall, out of the 20 pieces, I would say 13-14 were amazing and the others were pretty average. I’m not sure if I’d go again but definitely worth a try.

Now for the pictures….Also I couldn’t decide whether or not my camera or phone took better close-up photos so half these pics are from my camera and the other half from my phone. But clearly there was an obvious winner…

Ivory Salmon

Some other kind of wild salmon I forgot the name of

Best scallop ever

Giant Clam


Wet Barracuda – this thing was AMAZING


Mackerel – so good

Tiger Shrimp – the tail was still moving when we ate it ~~

Blue Shrimp

Wild Yellowtail


Skipjack – this thing was beautiful

Bluefin Tuna – pretty lean and bland sadface

Bluefin Tuna 2 – this was so good

Toro!! so fatty and yummy

Uni: Best dish of the night by far – butter of the sea

Roe – so good too

Sea eel – amazinggg

Egg sushi – in the documentary it talks about how Nakazawa spent 3 months making only egg sushi under Jiro’s tutelage.. and it fucking paid off LOL best egg sushi ever omg

Top off the meal with some nice raspberry sorbet yumyum

Inakaya – Robata-Yaki Japanese BBQ

What’s the difference between Japanese BBQ and Korean BBQ? The latter emphasizes sauce and combines many different flavors into each action-packed bite, while the former uses lighter sauces and focuses on grilling the meat to its sizzling perfection. Portion sizes also seem to be smaller for Japanese BBQ.

Inakaya in Times Square is a huge tourist locale that combines performance with food. You sit down and the waiters/cooks yell welcome in Japanese. You order a dish and the waiters/cooks yell it in Japanese. You can also partake in smashing mochi in the back (during which the waiters/cooks yell encouragement in Japanese).

Overall, food was pretty amazing including maybe the best piece of grilled fish I’ve ever had (more comments on that below), albeit, a little pricey considering the smaller portion sizes. It’s a good date spot as the dishes are made for sharing and all the action around you allows you to test how spontaneous your date is.

Address: 231 West 40th Street  New York, NY 10018
Price: ~$30 / person for dinner
Hours: Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm Mon-Fri, Dinner 5:00pm – 11:00pm Mon-Sun
Wait / Reservations: No wait, don’t make reservations

“Robata” means sunken hearth, where the cooks grill your food and pass it you on an extremely long spatula

Salmon (and Salmon Roe) Fried Rice and Chicken Thigh Skewers

Grilled Black Cod (inside was as soft as tofu, outside was perfected just seared, great flavor throughout)